In the news today is the worst mass shooting in American history in Orlando. Some terrorist who I care no to mention as he has no power and his name should vanish from the world.

As I look on Facebook there is a group of people who would like to blame “assault riffles” for the tragedy. First off a riffle is a riffle, if its used to assault someone or something I suppose you can term it that. But technically these are semi- auto or fully auto riffles. One side of our country would like to ban this type of weapon. In my opinion they are sheep being lead by the left media.

Riffles do not kill people! People use instruments to kill people, in this case it was a semi-auto riffle. It is the beliefs and doctrine of people that cause them to act this way towards others. It is there ignorance and closed minds!

One must be careful as to what they ask for. The reason we are legally allowed to own these weapons is to protect ourselves from others with bad intentions. This would also include protection from our Government. That’s right from our Government! Our forefather came from a tyrannical government and knew what they were talking about and why they wrote the 2nd amendment, if you need some more info on the 2nd A, visit wikipedia here,

Ultimately we the people should have the right to own anything the government does. But this wasn’t between the government and the people. It was a clash between Islamic and Western ideology. Islamic ideology is one-sided, either your one of them or your the devil, literally.

They have been slow playing this country for decades infiltrating every branch of our government. For god’s sake they advise our president on policy in the middle east. How is this even possible?

So no Assault riffles are not responsible for mass shootings! In this case our leadership failed!

They failed to fully investigate this devil 4 years ago and again 2 years ago when he came up on their radar.

They have failed at letting this “radical Islamic” doctrine Survive in the US.

They continue to fail with their policies and allowing un-vetted individuals into this country. It doesn’t matter if their from the Middle East or not. If one doesn’t pass the background screen, don’t let them in!  Not enough time to screen them? Don’t let them in! We pay the government for security and infrastructure, well maybe we shouldn’t pay taxes? Just a thought, I mean if I don’t do what I get paid to do, they stop paying me….

Oh and by the way its not racist  to screen immigrants. Its fair for all races and all immigrants!

I think every citizen in the US should own multiple guns and be required to get certified in their use.

I encourage you to push back against the anti-gun activists. who are actually anti-liberty and anti-American! They are sheep being lead by an ideology that only the government can provide for the citizens. Well the truth is only the citizens can provide for the government. We own them and they answer to us!

The Government will never have your interests at heart only their own and how they can grow the system. Furthermore, pay the elected officials more and more, while growing the dependence on government for the citizens.

Vote while we still can! Vote for people who don’t want to take your liberties away but protect them. Do your research, and Vote!