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Month: June 2016

Religion is it the Devil?

Religion is it the Devil? well is Religion at least the vehicle of the Devil? These are fairly thought provoking questions to say the least. No I’m not the anti-Christ for suggesting such a thing. Let’s take a bit closer look at this topic. I was in a discussion with a friend of mine and we started talking about this somewhat controversial topic. The funny or Sad thing is most Religions worship the same God, or they say they do. However, they vary in their understanding of God with different profits or teachers of the word of God. Different teachings one might argue are instilled by the “dark side”?

So here is something to think about and chime in on.

Before we discuss this lets first describe the Devil, where he came from and some other ways religion describe hell and Satan. According to the Old Testament, the Devil or Satan is a Fallen Angel banished from Heaven for trying to defy God and believing he was as powerful as God. He was Gods Top Angel turned bad, he and 1/3 of the angels who side with him where banished to Hell and out of Heaven. In Satan’s attempt to test God and oppose him, he introduced Sin into this world. Sin from the forbidden Fruit of the Garden of Eden. We all know the story, and so God and Satan are in a battle a battle you can’t see but is taking place in the minds, thoughts and actions of Mankind. The victor of this battle wins the soul of Gods most treasured creation, Mankind. A creation said to have made Satan, Jealous as God granted us free will. Free will to accept or deny his being and authority. Satan didn’t have that chance, nor do any of the Angels above or below. 

We have a number of references within a variety of religion as to a Devil, a Dark side, an Underworld. Where ever there is Good there must also be Bad. This is the argument of the Atheist, that religions, Gods etc. are made up possibly the purpose of controlling the people. Well science is aligning more and more with the beliefs found in Religion as to the theory of evolution. This post will focus on not if there is a God or Satan, but if Religion can be or is used by the Devil to win these souls.

We have a few Major Religions in the world some of which teach direct action against non-believers and other which teach love for all things, and everything in between. These religions include Islam, Catholicism, Judaism then have Buddhists and Hindi which don’t necessarily believe in a single God, but have over a billion followers.

The Hindi and Buddhists teach of how the world and its different aspects are tied to separate gods and/or the universe. Where the energy of the universe is carried on and how it works in each of us. Including teachings of rebirth and transcendence. These religions are very rarely engaged in the type of violence we see around the world today. But, one might pose the question if there is a single God who created the universe, would that God not be upset with this type of thinking? I would pose God would be, as they don’t have a relationship with the True God. Thus, being a diversion set in place by the “Devil”, Or Satan, as he’s also called.  This diversion, if so, would help Satan claim the eternal souls of the believers, as they do not recognize God.

Judaism, believes in the God of Abraham and the teaching in the Old testament. A number of religions have spawned off Judaism which remains a very prevalent religion. The Old Testament of the Bible is all about their ancestors as the people of God of Abraham. There are many rituals and ceremonies which are still carried out today. They tend to believe in the rituals of the old testament and through those you can reach God etc.


A prevalent religion “Christianity” was founded in Judaism and believes in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament of the bible. The New testament is centered around Jesus Christ and his teaching through his life and his disciples. In Christianity Jesus is believed to be the Son of God and that through him is the way to reach God. Judaism, does not recognize Jesus Christ as the Son of God and therefore is considered separate at the core of Christian beliefs. They both Worship the same God but have differing opinions as to how to talk with and interact with God. Christianity can be further broken into many denominations such as protestant or Catholic. Again to be Christian is to recognize Jesus Christ as the Son of God and accept him into your heart.


The multiple denominations of Christianity emphasize different teachings that drive their values. Such as Baptists who believe you must be baptized in the name of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit, in order to have your soul saved by God and have eternal life in His presence. Another denomination is Catholicism, which is much more regimented with different levels of priests who are considered intermediaries between you and God. The Catholic religion was dominating the world and forcefully converting people for many years. Their tactics have changed as they remain fairly dominate in a big part of the world. I consider them Christians for the mere fact they believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God. However true Christianity is void of hierarchies in the church, believing everyone has the ability to interact with God, through Jesus Christ. For this reason and the issues, you see in the news with the catholic church and their leaders, one might argue it’s another diversion instilled by Satan to keep Mankind from a true relationship with God. When as much or more attention is given to saints and the likes it devalues God. So I think this can be a valid argument. One my friend

Christianity at its core focuses not on the “old” way of communicating with God, but the “new” way. The way taught in the old testament focused on rituals and ceremonies, granted at one time these were the methods and teachings Christians believe to be accurate. Christian, or to be Christian is to believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and he died on the cross for our sins, knowing not a single one of us was worthy of God’s presence without his sacrifice. Essentially he bore the weight of all believer’s sins, allowing them to have eternal life after death in the presence of God, himself and all other believers. It’s really that simple, the path to God is through Jesus Christ, in the Christian religion. The acceptance of Jesus Christ as the Son of God and your savior. The rest of the Bible can be thought of as a “life manual” a complex writing of how to live life. Guidance usually given in parables and commandments. Again, not a Single One of Us is Worthy of God’s Presence, but, only through Jesus Christ who if asked can forgive our sin’s. Rather you believe one sin is greater evil than another, we all sin. Jesus Christ offers forgiveness of our sins and if we follow his path of Love, we will live a greater life here on earth and in Heaven. There are those who believe Jesus was a nice and influential person, but not the divine offspring of God. To them they may see this as the “dark side” deceiving. To that I ask why would he use Love as his message?


Islam is the last one I’ll discuss which dates back around 610 AD, that’s after Jesus Christ’s deaths. Islam believes in many of the same things throughout the Old and New testaments. They part ways with in the New Testament, it is believed that Jesus was the last messenger of God, and until his return there would be no others. This is where Islam branches off, with a Profit called Mahammad who had revelations from the angel Gabriel, one of Gods most important Angels. These revelations gave birth to Islam and set the rules around religion. Teaching that indeed there was may messengers of God which were given holy texts. The Torah was with Moses, The Zaboor or Psalms given to David, the Injeel or Gospel give to Jesus. This Christianity and Islam agree on most aspects with in these three books. However, differing opinions on the beginning, middle and end. Beyond these common books and beliefs, Islam is based around a fourth book The Qur’an was given to Mahammad as the final book to clarify all things. Apparently God felt that man had continued to corrupt is previous books, so whatever the Qu’ran says in opposition to the first three books should be followed as the true word of God. There are in the Qu’ran which require strict rules on Women and non-believers. Truly brutal punishments for disobedience, many of times calling for death. Many times as we are seeing on the world stage today calling for total submission or conversion. Dare you be a non-believer or Christian in Iraq or Syria right now, We can only pray for mercy! Is it possible the “dark one” was prophesizing to Mohammad and not the Angel Michael? Not ot say the religion as a whole is evil but how better to corrupt souls as to run a parallel religion with one ultimate layer, the one whose rules override the previous?


So let’s take a step back as a Christian if you didn’t already know. After the New testament it declares there will be no more messengers, Jesus was the last. Others would try but they would be false profits, sent by Satan. Islam agrees with 80% of Christianity, But, Mahammad and the Quran are the final word of God. A teaching which as we can see today is anything but the religion of “love”. The teaching of Jesus, the Gospel is filled with proof God is Love Jesus is Love who do require acknowledgement and further, following and believing in.  

So as I wrap this up I want to make a very clear distinction between religion and the people who are believers of the religion. Even though a religion maybe corrupt I believe people are inherently drawn to the light, so will cling on to the good and act on the bad. Rather that be in the catholic church, Christian, Jewish, or Islamic. Just the same we have radicals in every one of those groups and many more, who try to exploit situations for their own gain. Not for the betterment and peaceful advancement of humanity. Such forces have always been met with force and eliminated and will always be trumped by the Light.

 So I will conclude by standing up for my beliefs that while religious people are not evil in many cases evil uses religion to promote its agenda.

I encourage your input and point of view as long as its respectful and not slander. Much like my friend who helped me formulate or put my views onto paper. We didn’t agree on everything but did agree you need to formulate your views and stand up for them with conviction.

Dick, runs a small business and much like his personal beliefs he tells me you have to stand up for why you’re in business and your expertise. I will absolutely be calling him for my pest control here in Boise. The passion speaks volume as to his results. His site is www.pestcontrolserviceboise.com . it’s fairly new he said, but it looks decent to me. Good job man, and thanks again!

Again, thanks for letting me view my opinion and stand up and voice my beliefs. I would encourage you to do the same, in a constructive and safe way.


Are Assault Riffles responsible?

In the news today is the worst mass shooting in American history in Orlando. Some terrorist who I care no to mention as he has no power and his name should vanish from the world.

As I look on Facebook there is a group of people who would like to blame “assault riffles” for the tragedy. First off a riffle is a riffle, if its used to assault someone or something I suppose you can term it that. But technically these are semi- auto or fully auto riffles. One side of our country would like to ban this type of weapon. In my opinion they are sheep being lead by the left media.

Riffles do not kill people! People use instruments to kill people, in this case it was a semi-auto riffle. It is the beliefs and doctrine of people that cause them to act this way towards others. It is there ignorance and closed minds!

One must be careful as to what they ask for. The reason we are legally allowed to own these weapons is to protect ourselves from others with bad intentions. This would also include protection from our Government. That’s right from our Government! Our forefather came from a tyrannical government and knew what they were talking about and why they wrote the 2nd amendment, if you need some more info on the 2nd A, visit wikipedia here,  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution

Ultimately we the people should have the right to own anything the government does. But this wasn’t between the government and the people. It was a clash between Islamic and Western ideology. Islamic ideology is one-sided, either your one of them or your the devil, literally.

They have been slow playing this country for decades infiltrating every branch of our government. For god’s sake they advise our president on policy in the middle east. How is this even possible?

So no Assault riffles are not responsible for mass shootings! In this case our leadership failed!

They failed to fully investigate this devil 4 years ago and again 2 years ago when he came up on their radar.

They have failed at letting this “radical Islamic” doctrine Survive in the US.

They continue to fail with their policies and allowing un-vetted individuals into this country. It doesn’t matter if their from the Middle East or not. If one doesn’t pass the background screen, don’t let them in!  Not enough time to screen them? Don’t let them in! We pay the government for security and infrastructure, well maybe we shouldn’t pay taxes? Just a thought, I mean if I don’t do what I get paid to do, they stop paying me….

Oh and by the way its not racist  to screen immigrants. Its fair for all races and all immigrants!

I think every citizen in the US should own multiple guns and be required to get certified in their use.

I encourage you to push back against the anti-gun activists. who are actually anti-liberty and anti-American! They are sheep being lead by an ideology that only the government can provide for the citizens. Well the truth is only the citizens can provide for the government. We own them and they answer to us!

The Government will never have your interests at heart only their own and how they can grow the system. Furthermore, pay the elected officials more and more, while growing the dependence on government for the citizens.

Vote while we still can! Vote for people who don’t want to take your liberties away but protect them. Do your research, and Vote!


Welcome to my new blog

Welcome all,

I created this blog not for a one sided forum, or to promote my view. Which I will! But to encourage all to Stand for their views, no matter what others say! Dont go with the flow, pick you direction and fight! You do have the Power to Stand!

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