As football season kicks off we are presented with a whole new form of protest. As this blog suggests I am all about people standing for what they believe and peacefully protesting for their beliefs.

As much as I disagree with these athletes not showing their respect during our National Anthem. I do think it’s the individual’s right to participate or not. I mean that’s the whole point of our country, the ability to speak freely and not be persecuted for it, at least by our government. Some countries would have these characters in prison or at least facing major repercussions. Thanks God we live in the USA.

Let’s look a little deeper at the professional athletes and why they are protesting. We have a top rated QB in the NFL who affiliates himself with a radical, racist group BLM. He has stated that he cannot respect the country or flag of that country who oppresses a certain race. Well, mister QB, let us take a quick step back, racism as BLM explains it has been dead for decades. People cannot be held accountable for the actions of past generations, only the actions of their own. In fact, the racism that is blatantly on display is from the BLM group, period.  


I was on a social platform the other day and a video came across my screen, I don’t usually pay these any attention but due to current events I had to check it out. It had a group of thugs and or “activists” squaring off with the police in the streets. They were yelling and daring the police to act on them. Screaming things such as its whites or blacks in this neighborhood, and the us blacks are going anywhere so F*** you white Mother Fer’s. Given not all the police where white in fact a number of where black and Hispanic. I immediately reported it to the admin of this platform for being racist, clearly the verbiage was and the actions. I was given the response that they didn’t find t to be racist and would not take action and remove the video. What a crock of shit! If it had been one white guy saying this type of stuff that video would be banned in a second.


This scene isn’t isolated to that video in fact it is becoming more and more common. Rather that’s being caused by our leadership across the country or by billionaires stirring the waters. These BLM activists are causing this country to go backwards, to a time they don’t want to re-live, and neither would I as a white American. We have to progress as a country not fall back into a black vs white society.

 So what can we do to show these athletes that their disrespect is unacceptable towards a country who gave them the ability to do what they love, and make millions doing it. I mean in all fairness these athletes and actors are nothing more than “jesters” of our times. Jesters who get paid way too much and who people look up to for some odd reason.  

Here’s what we can do we can vote with our money! Spend our time and our money on companies and entertainment which aligns with our values. I likely won’t stop watching the NFL, however the teams who allow this behavior, I will not purchase any of their products or watch their games. I know I might miss a couple good plays or a great game, but that’s the price to pay for my vote. The actors who protest in this ridiculous manner will never get my money for one of their films.

I suggest everyone takes this type of action. Money talks and if we can impact the revenue of these organizations, likely we can cause them to rectify this problem.

Seriously, we have people who have given everything for this country and for the right of these individuals to speak freely. I suggest they don’t take this sacrifice’s for granted. The flag is symbol of that sacrifice and a symbol of freedom. So by protesting the National Anthem or the US Flag, these characters are blind to that fact. Without this flag or those sacrifices by our soldiers for generations, their voices wouldn’t be free they wouldn’t be able to make a ton of money playing a game etc..

Across all areas of my life I try to support veterans and veteran owned businesses. I vote with my money if you will and I suggest you do as well. Veterans are everywhere, I hire them at my work because of their ability to focus and complete the job at hand. I hire them to do things for my business and for my home.

Just the other day I had a tree fall on my home, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds, thankfully. However, what did I do I searched for local veteran ran businesses to help me out. I found a great tree service ran by a two tour Marine, he was efficient and professional.  He recommended a gutter cleaning company, Gutter Boise owned by another local veteran. This guy was tops!

We had to replace a whole section of the gutter system, so we decided to replace the entire gutter system with a clog free option. The to highlight our gutters with some rain chains and such. Any way he was able to bid us an incredibly low price and had the gutters replaced within days.  

Veterans rock, they are the reason we have the ability to protest. The ability to freely pursue our dreams be it business, art or whatever. So vote with your dollars, stop giving money to these athletes or actors who slap our veterans in the face and disrespect the ones who gave everything for our freedoms.