Hey all,

I’m just a normal citizen who is tired of the media and their manipulation of information. I, as surely you do, have opinions on about everything. Its important to note I don’t have a closed mind and rely on data and history to make my decisions. If someone can clearly show me a better way I am open to listening. However, if its just mindless babble that they cant back up. I have the Power to Stand for what I believe! That power is in all of us and you just have to choose not to care about what your peers say.


This blog will cover everything from politics to religion. All the taboo stuff you are not suppose to talk about because you might offend someone. There are a couple ways to offend people, being rude and crude, as well being closed minded. I will try not to do either of those. With that said if you get offended make sure your mind is open to new ways of thinking….

Why create this blog?

Because I have the Power To Stand for what I believe and forum to do so, thanks internet…